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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  October 28, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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announcer: live where you live. this is abc 7 news. steady rainmaking for a messy morning commute. live doppler 7 tracking the storm that's been soaking the bay area and it's going to be around for a little while this morning. >> good morning on this wed, friday morning. i i'm jessica. mike, we need the rain
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especially the south bay. >> yeah, especially the south bay. they received a third to a half inch. there's more on the way. let's look at live doppler 7 for what you are going to see. the darker green, light, pockets of rain from the san mateo bridge northward. a look at heavier showers developing to the south and rolling to the north. a look at the san mateo bridge. it is raining there. scattered during the afternoon to isolated this evening. how is it affecting your commute? here is alexis. >> our friends in the south bay are happy they are getting the rain. 101 at 880 starting to fill in. it's not a lot of fun to drive in. right now we have a problem on 280 downtown. we'll check on that. westbound 580 up to 30 minutes. southbound 101 from the north end in the yellow at 18 minutes.
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>> the commute is getting started. we'll continue watching you this morning. the storm has been pounding the south bay. >> abc 7 news reporter, matt keller is braving those conditions to see what you will find on the road. hi, matt. >> reporter: good morning, jessica. good morning, reggie. we are in redwood city. if you are out and about walking, run and find shelter, especially if it's at a coffee shop. you want to warm out out here. this coffee shop just opened up a few minutes ago. people were waiting outside to get in. let me in, let me in, i need to get dry. what a mess overnight. check out this video of rain in milpitas. ford explorer lost control and ended up in a field. this was one of many crashes in the south bay. >> once it starts raining, the
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call volume increases exponentially. we have crash after crash after crash. spin outs and secondary collisions when a car spins out and gets hit. >> reporter: amazingly chp says only minor injuries in the santa clara county crashe overnight. the most important thing to do is slow down. of course, i would like to tell you about something here. i like to know what's ahead of me so i download the abc 7 app. it lets me know where the rain is going next and it's going everywhere. green everywhere. you want to download that and keep it in your pocket. if you need your umbrella or not and if you should park next to a coffee shop. matt keller, abc news. >> thank you. we have a crew looking for trouble spots. >> abc 7 news reporter, amy hollyfield is live in concord. what are you seeing out there?
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>> reporter: hi, jessica. i got a sandbag station for you. it is open. it is ready go. if you have concerns about your home, this is here if you want to come back some sandbags. it's a good time, to. we have a light rain. nothing heavy coming down. we have video of rain of what concord has been experiencing in the last hour. this city has almost 3/4 inch of rain in the last 24 hours and more is on the way. the sandbag station is open for you. they are saying you can only make 25 bags. hopefully that will be enough. you have to shovel it yourself, so, you might want to bring a partner with some big muscles. we are here on gasoline alley at the city's corporation yard. this isn't closing, it's open for 24 hours with more rain on the way. it's something to think about. reporting live in concord, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> thank you. in san francisco, the sunset district got soaked by the rain
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on 19th avenue. it caught a few people off gourd. he got creative. not a welcome sight for some. >> a bit of an announce. we need to have it. i would rather it be summer and sunny. what am i going to tell you. >> san francisco weather is always unpredictable. why not sometimes rain? >> did he say summer and sunny? what city does he live in? i don't remember that happening. their umbrellas are ready to go because they watch mike mico. >> fingers crossed, the rain is not causing major problems in the burn zone in the santa cruz mountai mountains. it destroyed 4500 acres of vegetation. we will watch that area closely. of course, as we have been telling you throughout the morning and matt shows as well, you can track the storm with the
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abc 7 news app. you can see it in your pocket, on your phone. live doppler 7 on the go. be able to -- you can track everything going on so download the app. also, enable the push alerts because if anything does happen along the commute, we will let you know and send it to you immediately. stalked, beaten, robbed. that's what happened to a 55-year-old woman after she left a casino. police arrested a man and his girlfriend in connection with the crime. barry heisnor faces an attempted murder charge. >> reporter: the 55-year-old woman was walking up to her front door at 1:00 a.m. when a man attacked her, hitting her multiple times on the back of the head. he stole her purse and got away. enrique had no idea something so terrible happened on his street. >> a surprise. i never heard, you know.
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>> reporter: police checked out surveillance video from the casino where the victim was gambling. barry was following her out of the casino and into the parking lot. his girlfriend was driving the car. it was captured bay neighbor's camera. >> i have never heard of that happening. >> who puts that much effort into hurting another human being. they could have put that much effort into getting a job. >> reporter: they found the stolen purse and flashlight, the possible weapon at the couple's home. abc 7 news. emeryville police need your help tracking down an armed robber. he walked into a nordstrom rack and ripped purses from a security cable leaving behind the backpack on the right. the suspect's picture is very
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blurry. police hope the backpack is a clue that will lead to him. he pulled out a gun and pointed it. they ran. the suspect took off on a bike. call emeryville police if you have information on this guy. coast guard personnel based inial mee are credited with a cocaine bus. they seized two tons of cocaine off central america. this is coast guard video of them boarding a vessel. it can be almost fully submerged. five people were arrested. the casino mogul is disputing a report he would walk away from the deal. we told you about the reuters report that add ellison would say buy if the raiders don't want the deal. the comment came from a travel technology conference he was in
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in tel-aviv. he said the raiders want so much. yesterday, his right hand man said that's not the case. >> taken out of context. >> sheldon is not ready walk away? >> not even close to that. everything is moving along very well. >> hmm. last week, nevada's governor signed a bill to raise hotel taxes. addison himself is pledging 650 mil. live doppler 7 dialed down to street level here moving to highway 24. the darker green cig nsignifies heavier rain. broaden out and what i want to show you are the yellows, the moderate to heavy rain. it's heading to the northeast. it puts marin county, 101 and sonoma county in the cross hairs of potentially heavier rain that
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will cause more pounding on the roadways over the next hour to hour and a half. here is a look at san quentin, san rafael and that's what we are looking at as far as an increase. there's some heading through monterey that could touch the mountains and keep the rain going in the south bay. this is going to be around all throughout the morning commute. here is a look at the rainfall intensity. the taller the bar, the heavier or more rain that is going to fall. the color coding is how heavy it is going to fall. you can see it's light to moderate rain with some of the better amounts falling from 7:00 to 9:00 in the north bay with the push. then again during the evening hours. in the south bay, we are looking at mainly, as you see it move across, this is sunday's storm coming in in the morning. a preview of the next storm. we'll talk about that next. the south bay, you are going to get more rain with the next storm, too. alex alexis, not so good news this morning. >> a major traffic alert. eastbound on the bay bridge.
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definitely want to emphasize that. it's the lower deck around the treasure island off ramp. a jackknifed semi is blocking the three left lanes, make that four. the far right lane is getting by. we have a fuel spill involved. i saw from chp, they can't set up flairs because the fuel is leaking so much. we are working on moving amy hollyfield and her photographer. we should have live pictures shortly. we are trying to move this camera around. it's on the lower deck so it's tough to see. not much of a back up. we should be able to give you live pictures as soon as possible. we are moving a crew there, eastbound 80 jackknifed semi. one lane getting by. the latest coming up. back to you. >> i knew it wouldn't be long. thank you. it's one of the hottest new ways to melt your fat away. but it's a procedure that uses freezing cold temperatures turning out to be too good to be
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true. the new health concern that is being raised. seeing their son's accused killer for the first time. a program ma pays young folks not to commit crimes
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we are back at 5:14. there is a look at the rain that is coming down from the east bay hills camera in emeryville.
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we just got an update from alexis about a major problem on the bay bridge. she will fill you in in just a second. on to more news now. celebrities swore by a noninvasive procedure that uses extremely cold temperatures to reduce fat. it shows freezing off your fat may backfire and produce more fat. it happened in rare cases. according to a study published in 2014. a follow up study published in lasers and surgery found the adverse effects are likely underreported. some doctors tell people magazine, they shied away from using cool sculpting. it does increase or the area becomes lumpy or uneven. a refuge in oregon are going to begin their trial in february. seven others were acquitted including the group's leader, bundy. this is video of them celebrating outside the portland
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courthouse. the six-week stand off brought new attention to a long running dispute over control of federal lands. one protester was killed by police when he confronted them following a traffic stop. amtrak will pay $265 million to settle claims related to last year's derailment in philadelphia that killed eight people and injured more than 200 others. lawyers who negotiated the settlement say victims will have their payouts in hand by june. the washington, d.c. to new york bound train was traveling 250 miles an hour and a 50-mile-an-hour curve when it derailed last year. drawing attention to a controversial program after seeing their son's killer in person. the 19-year-old shot and killed the other last month. his family saw rice in court and said he acted like it was all a joke. he was in the office of neighborhood safety, a
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mentorship program that tries to reduce violence. it pays men for meeting work and life goals. they are suspected firearm offenders in richmond. >> there's no program in the world that can pay a criminal any money to tell me they are changing the streets. do you see where we are standing today? >> the program's founder say 75% of them are not suspects in new firearms related crimes. in gma first look, the flip or flop couple is known for renovating homes. >> some say it is a rip off. we have the details. >> reporter: in this morning's gma first look, house flippers tarik under fire with complaints about their house flipping workshops. he attended a seminar. >> you are not going get them. you are going to get a sales pitch the entire time.
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>> reporter: the program, success path education is run by zurikx. the company saying nowhere does it state that the people will be in person at any event. >> it will do over 100 houses. >> we caught up with kristina at this workshop on thursday. >> i stand by our products. it's our tools, our system. i have only heard minimal complaints. if i felt a lot of people felt that way, we would make a change. >> reporter: more of that interview on gma first look. we have a major traffic alert to talk about here. we are looking at pretty empty ramps to get on eastbound 80 in the san francisco area right now. fpd and cal trans working to shut out of the ramps because we have a jackknifed semi around the treasure island off ramp. the right lane is getting by.
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this is a really fluid situation. we talked to you about chp a few minutes ago. they said the actual cab and trailer are separated, there's a fuel spill. they can't set up flairs because they are worried about them catching fire on the roadway. eastbound 80, the far right lane is getting by. it sounded like all lanes were closed. one lane getting by. a back up to san francisco heading toward the east bay. we don't have a visual of the collision at the moment. we have amy hollyfield at the scene. we will bring you live pictures as soon as we can. this is the only major problem for the moment. as we know, it is soaked out there. that is where meteorologist mike mico comes in. >> i think it's going to take a while for amy to get there. she's going to drive-through the rain on live doppler 7 from concord to the bay bridge. let's take a broader picture and show what's going on to the
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south. that's where all the rain is coming from. thunderstorms are heading up toward fresno and toward yosemite. i want to watch this parent low. it's going to slide to the south. it's going to push thunderstorms as far north as morgan hill and maybe san jose. that may be a bit of a stretch. here is a look at emeryville. southbound. my highlights for the forecast cycle, steady rain for the morning commute. taper the showers. easier to get around during the afternoon and evening hours. don't cancel your plans, sunday morning into early afternoon you will want to find stuff for our inside activities. outside is going to be wet, once again. here is a look at the storm impact scale. it's not very breezy. you can see by noon and into the evening hours, things are definitely changing. then you see the scattered to isolated showers overnight through saturday.
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the best chance in the north bay. there you go, sunday morning, the steadier rain coming in. after this storm, the next chance of rain will be light on the impact scale. thank you. the sacramento kings are off and running in their shiny new arena. the nba wanlts in on the action. adam silver met with the kings owner before the grand opening of the golden one center yesterday. silver said he's absolutely determined to get the nba all-star game there. that's at least one problem they have to figure out is that the sacramento reportedly saying thousands of hotel rooms are short there. they need more rooms to staff an all-star game. kia and hyundai misrepresented the miles per gallon their vehicles get. the two companies didn't
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correctly state the fuel economy from 2011-2013. under the settlement, they agreed to accurately represent miles per gallon in the new vehicles. just in time for halloween. nasa sharing an eerie image of a ghost in space. take a look on the screen. this is the crab nebula. a star-like object buried at the center is still spinning 30 time as second. that energy produce as deadly magnetic field. the image was taken by the hubble space telescope as a black and white exposure. nasa added the ghoulish green coloring for halloween. thursday night football, high school edition. the freemont school that scored a national audience for its football game. >> breaking
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we have a major traffic alert. a jackknifed semi that is blocking lanes one through four along with ramps out of san francisco. the onramps from essex and sterling just closed. an eto of two to three hours before this mess is cleaned up. the storm is not over, that's number two. check out live doppler 7. seeing yellows develop. that means the light, steady rain is going to become moderate. expect more ponding on the roadways. we don't have many breezes with the storm. that's not the case for the next one coming in this weekend. number three, look at what concord looks like. they have a 24 hour sandbag situation. other cities seeing flooding. >> four, crews working through the night to clean up a runway
5:26 am
at laguardia on the east coast after mike pence's plane skidded off the runway. hillary clinton in florida. donald trump on the move three different rallies in three different states. number six, sharks officials trying to determine what caused a power outage at sap arena. it took 20 minutes to get the lights back on and the game going again. seven, apple and nike teaming up for the love of running. apple is rolling out a nike themed edition of the apple watch. it is swim proof, includes gps, a brighter display, incase you like to job. a dream come true for bay area high school players playing on national tv. the california school for the deaf took the field on espn 2. coaches use sign language to communicate with the players. they captured the heart of the
5:27 am
nation after they were featured on a documentary last year. >> it's teamwork. we play with passion. it's a brotherhood. we play hard. >> there's no disability here. we communicate dichbtly. we dmun kate through a language called american sign language. >> so cool to see that. this was a blowout in the rain. the eagles won big over woodland christian. 43-zip. >> good for them. that's great. we are coming back with another full 90 minutes of news including the breaking news on the bay bridge that is causing serious problems for drivers this morning. alexis is working to get more details for you on the effort to clear that roadway. a massive phone scam that reached all the way to india. the bay area connection. a live look outside the golden gate bridge. the latest round of storms making a mess for your friday morning commute.
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mike and alexis a
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we are all waking up to this, rainmaking the morning commute a messy one. >> it is wet everywhere and we have a major issue on the bay bridge. >> good morning to you. >> we want to get straight to alexis smith. is it getting any better? >> no. we are getting two to three hour estimate on the crash clearing eastbound on the bay bridge. yes, it is the counter commute. we are seeing significant back ups forming here. it is a sig alert as well. eastbound 80 we had a jackknifed semi happen about 20-25 minutes ago. they are separated. this obviously was a violent collision. there's a fuel spill involved in this as well.
5:31 am
we have a lot of onramps that are blocked, eastbound 80. it's not a full closure. getting out of san francisco, you can see that is really congested. the first essex and sterling avenue to eastbound 80 are closed. we have a lot of wet pavement. mike has been telling you that all week. >> great advice. everybody is going to deal with wet pavement this morning. nobody is immune from this storm. let me show you the canyon road down to mission boulevard. you are getting light to moderate rain right now just like all of us are. there's more on the way. some could get heavier at times. 101 and 880 where we have a half inch of rain. steady rain through the morning commute. it will transition to scattered showers for the afternoon and isolated this evening. >> mike, thank you. our team coverage continue this is morning in the south bay. >> matt is live for us in
5:32 am
redwood city. how does it look where you are? >> reporter: yeah, good morning. since we last saw you at 5:00, we moved to the cal trans station. we have a bus here and people underneath the shelters which is good for them. they want to stay dry. the rain picked up over the last half hour or so. this is a good time to stay off the roads. it is dangerous with the crashes overnight. the reminder i have is make sure you bring your jackets and umbrellas to get on a train or get on a bus. of course getting wet isn't the worst thing that can happen to you. check out what happened to a woman. chp says she was going too fast for the conditions. car got squirrely. she overcorrected and ended up on top of the wall that separates the highway and vta track. there's a way to avoid this. >> slow down when it's raining. before you start driving, check the air pleasure on your
5:33 am
vehicles. low tires will cause it to hydroplane quicker than an inflated tire. >> reporter: slow down. with more cars on the road, it could get ugly out there. it is getting ugly as we heard from alexis about the bay bridge issue. if you have a choice, taking the train or bus is your best bet. matt keller, abc 7 news. >> thank you. take a look at that. this is much better than what's happening on the bay bridge. light rain coming down around 2:30 this morning on southbound highway 101. the highway patrol urging drivers to take it easy this morning. marin county, you will likely see a lot of sandbags today. you may have them at your own home. folks poured into the goodman supply. they were busy ahead of the storm. >> panicking a little bit. they don't want damage to their house. they are coming in to protect their homes.
5:34 am
>> a heavy duty tarp to cover the trampoline and keep it in great condition. we have other things outdoors, so i'm getting another tarp for that. >> she's ready. so is the store. the last big storm, they sold out of rain supplies. this time around, they doubled their inventory. >> here is a live look from sfo. check your airline before heading to the airport. if i were a betting man, i will say we are going to see major delays. there are 31 cancellations just last night, mostly west coast and regional flights. we are waiting this morning for word from the faa. that comes in in 30 minutes to let us know what's going on at sfo. usually on a day like this, we can expect major back ups. abc 7 news was in the east bay as the rain was coming down in newark. wow, you can see how hard it is raining there, pounding the streets. many drivers taking the advice to take it slow. they like what they see. >> very good. we need more rain.
5:35 am
so, maybe it will reduce the drought. that would be great. >> reporter: got your umbrella, too. >> that's right. we cannot wait for lake tahoe. we hope we have a lot of snow there. >> no flooding issues seen, thank goodness, on the roads, but certainly slick. >> they will stay slick. i want to show you the abc 7 news app. it's the best way to know what's going on where you live. one of the best features on the app, click on the upper right temperature. you can see the hour-by-hour breakdown of what is happening. right now you can see cloudy and rainy across the board for the morning. next few hours, at least. if you like the rain, good for you. if you don't like it, hang in there a few more hours. you can download the abc 7 news app for free in the app store. it will come in handy today. vice president joe biden's political career may not be coming to an end. he tops the short list to be
5:36 am
secretary of state should hillary clinton become president. apparently the vice president hasn't been told, officially. but now that it's in politico, i'm sure that he knows. clinton's camp is reportedly strategizing how to persuade the vp. >> clinton thooz win the election first. president obama is joining her on the campaign trail in orlando today. yesterday, she brought michelle obama with her to a rally in north carolina. >> hillary doesn't play. she has more experience and exposure to the presidency than any candidate in our lifetime. >> meanwhile, clinton is dealing with more wikileaks releases. some of the latest not authenticated by abc news reveal how bill clinton's aide pressured companies to donate to the clinton foundation. donald trump has three rallies in three states today. new video from laguardia
5:37 am
international airport. how the vp's plane skidded off the runway. mike pence is fine, so is everyone else that experienced the rough landing. pence missed an event because of it. he's back on the campaign trail this morning. witnesses say the plane was approaching too fast and overshot the runway in the rain. it stopped because they have a barrier of crushed concrete at the end of the runway. >> approximately arrester beds were destroyed. they served their purpose tonight. we are not going to speculate on the cause of the incident. >> laguardia had to shut down totally for an hour before it reopened to regular traffic. >> back here at home, bad weather blamed for forcing a small plane to make an emergency landing in the east bay. we want to show you here. the cessna landed at the air station late yesterday. it's no longer in operation. the good news here is the pilot was the only one on the plane. he was not hurt. a crew removed the plane from
5:38 am
the abandoned runway. happening today, two drifters charged with murdering a tourist in golden gate park and a hiker are set to be arraigned. 19-year-old lila and 24-year-old morris expected to enter pleas dur thg hearing. they are accused in the deaths of audrey and stephen last october. the former codefendant seen there on the right side of the screen testified to the prosecution as part of a plea deal. he said the murders were carried out while the trio was on drugs. a board of supervisors committee is holding a meeting on seismic and the sinking of the millennium tower. last month he held the first of what's expected to be a number of hearingings. he said there may have been some political pressure on the city engineers to approve the project even though they knew the tower was sinking more than projected.
5:39 am
today's hearing is at 2:00 p.m. at city hall. we knew it was going to be a tough morning on the roads. it is really turning out to be that way. a major problem on the lower deck of the bay bridge. eastbound 80, we have a jackknifed semi. the cab and trailer separated from each other. they are detached. there's a fuel spill in the crash. now we are hearing from authorities on the scene, the fuel is leaking into the drainage system. they have to address that as well. the four left lanes are blocked. the far right lane is getting by. sterling is blocked to get on to eastbound 80. the westbound side is heavy this morning as well. just in, southbound 880 past the west grand avenue exit, we have a rollover crash. that is partially blocking the left lane and haven't gotten official word that the bay bridge metering lights are on, but we normally do. with the wet pavement, they are likely on. we don't have the official
5:40 am
notification. i have solo vehicle collision after solo vehicle collision. meteorologist mike nicco is in the weatherer center this morning. >> it's going to last the entire morning commute. i thought we would look at the bridges, look at live doppler 7 showing light to moderate rain. richmond san rafael bridge light rain toward the bay bridge and the golden gate bridge. the bay bridge, with the steady rain, the winds are light out of the southeast at 3 miles per hour. you don't have to worry about that tugging at your steering wheel this morning. commuting, we are going to find standing water in many areas until the next couple hours when we drive and push the puddles out. exercising today, everything is wet. maybe a little drier this afternoon on the roadways. on the roadways, rain to scattered showers.
5:41 am
this is the richmond side of the san rafael bridge at the toll plaza. standing water there. more than 3/4 inch of rain fell overnight in richmond. here is a look at the next three days. if you look at the top, you can see scattered showers later today. scattered showers tomorrow. steadier for sunday. breezier conditions with temperatures cooler then. i'll map out hour-by-hour how to plan the next three days, next. >> thank you. we are 11 days away from deciding whether recreational marijuana is going to be legal to smoke in california. why it may not be the sure thing people thought it would be. >> a $42 million jackpot that was not meant to be. how a women
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5:44 am
if you are just tuning in, we have a major mess on the lower deck of the bay bridge. we are looking live right now at the upper deck. you can see a lot of brake lights there. on the other side, before you get to treasure island eastbound 80, a jackknifed semi. we should have a crew there and live pictures of the scene by 6:00 this morning. for now, the far right lane is getting by. we have a fuel spill involved as well. i'll show you that in a few minutes. >> thank you. the san jose sharks trying to figure out what caused the
5:45 am
power outage. sap center went dark at the end of the second period. took 20 men r minutes to gelt the lights on and going again. >> we were sit tlg like what's going on. after five or ten minutes they said hey, we are going to continue the next minutes in the third period. i never heard of that in hockey before. >> now you have. they beat the blue jackets 3-1. the team will see if the power stays on in the tank tomorrow night against nashville. >> we will watch this closely. tensions are reaching a boiling point over the dakota pipeline. police clashed using pepper spray and beanbag rounds arresting 141 people. the show down started when officers tried removing roadblocks. there were reports of two shots being fired, but no injuries. they are suing the u.s. army
5:46 am
corps of engineers. they are threatening land given to them in a treaty. the feds are looking for an oakland man charged in an elaborate irs scam according to usa today. jerry norris and 60 others are accused of tricking 15,000 americans out of more than $300 million. they allegedly posed as tax and immigration agents and threatened arrests or deportation if victims didn't send money for bogus, unpaid taxes. one victim hopes her nightmare serves as a cautionary tale. >> stop and think, you know, you don't -- i don't think there's any government entity out there that demands some sort of immediate action. >> the scam lasted a total of three years. according to the san francisco chronicle, at least seven people here in the bay area fell victim to the scammers. a hayward resident paid the most, $136,000.
5:47 am
>> that is a lot of money. >> yes. a poll shows support for proposition 64, a state initiative that legalizes recreational pot is slipping. 55% support the measure. it's down five points from last month and the number opposed has gone up two points now at 38%. >> fighting over taxing tobacco companies and the initiative to allow marijuana companies to advertise on tv, smoking and edible products. i think a lot of parents are concerned about why would we want to see more advertising of those products on monday night football. >> prop 64 has the largest support among registered democrats with 66% saying they would vote for it. >> if they pass it, training standards for law enforcement officers in the state could change. officials say training would focus on responding to black market operations. proponents of recreational pot
5:48 am
claim the measure would reduce the size of the black market, law enforcement disagrees. they say the number of illegal growing operations in states like washington and colorado has actually gone up since marijuana was legalized there. >> the rain we are seeing this week is slowly helping refill our lakes and reservoirs. the largest in santa clara county is 50% capacity. lexington reservoir is less full. folsom lake is a third full. lake shasta 59% capacity. we still have a major headache here. if you are trying to travel eastbound on the bay bridge, it is not going to be easy. the lower deck, jackknifed semi. the cabin and trailer are detached from each other. we have a sig alert. only the far right lane is open. chp is efforting to get the two right lanes open.
5:49 am
that has not happened yet. part of the problem is there's a fuel still involved in this as well. some of it is going into the drainage system. a huge mess this morning. on top of four out of five lanes closed, we have onramps closed. first, essex and sterling. you are congested there. seeing red there on the westbound side of the road. i have been talking a lot about this huge traffic alert. everybody else is wet and slow this morning. i have 20 incidents on the board, most are vehicles sliding off the roadway. not hitting other vehicles, just driving too fast for conditions. 37 minutes tracy to dublin. the north bay, 19 minutes. check in with meteorologist mike nicco. it's a soggy one. >> good as advertised. storm totals a half inch to an inch. a quarter or two is possible through the morning hours.
5:50 am
the mountains up to an inch. thunder is going to rumble from san jose southward. want to show you other bridges. here is the san mateo bridge. it's tapered right now. same on the dumbarton bridge. it's wet and slick from the overnight rains. right now, more rain about to overtake the south bay from saratoga all the way to allen rock and northward. three quarter inch of rain fell the last 24 hours. you can see why it wet there. steady rain and showers today. the heaviest is falling right now. scattered light showers tomorrow. don't let it keep you from going outside. it's mainly across the north bay. a steady rain and breezy sunday morning. 7:00 to noon, you can see the transition from scattered showers to isolated during the evening hours. 8:00 saturday morning to the evening hours, the showers arrive in the afternoon up in the north bay. there you go, sunday morning, that's when we are going to have
5:51 am
the greatest chance of wet weather this weekend. totals by the end of it, one two two inches possible. a small chance of a stray shower halloween evening. otherwise, the best chance of rain after this is tuesday. >> thank you. this one makes my heart sink. >> it's terrible. >> can you imagine winning $42 million and then losing it the same day? >> i'm internally screaming for this woman. she lives in new york. here she is. katrina. she hit what she thought was the jackpot on a slot machine at resorts world casino in august. $42 million. the casino staff escorted her off the floor. they told her come back the next day. she did. that's when they informed here the machine malfunctioned and she only really won $2.25. now, jessica, know this, the casino offered her a steak dinner. >> that's horrible. >> that makes it everyone worse.
5:52 am
she plans to sue. her lawyer says she should get paid the machine's maximum jackpot, 6500 bucks. >> better than a steak dinner. >> really? a steak dinner? that's it? >> throw in some tickets. new at 6:00, why it's about to become a lot easier to get information on how bart does business. a hangout for locals and tourists alike getting bumpier. where the safety measures are getting installed. just in time for halloween, a spook
5:53 am
5:54 am
5:55 am
z. there they go. golden gate park is getting louder and bumpier. abc 7 news was on john f. kennedy drive as workers began installing speed humps. they are between crossover drive and the great highway. they are flatter and smoother than the pronounced speed bumps we are used to. the city fast tracked it after a cyclist was killed by a speeding driver in june. >> let's get back to the traffic alert for eastbound bay bridge drivers. this is a look at the merge out of san francisco on to eastbound 80. we have ramp that is are closed. new information in the last couple moments due to a jackknifed semi. they are saying it was near treasure island. they are moving it closer to san francisco at this point. all traffic for eastbound 80 diverted off at 4th and routed back on at sterling. i'm going to sort it out. we may have a crew there at 6:00
5:56 am
a.m. mike, we have soggy conditions for everybody. >> it's not going to stop until after the morning commute. here is live doppler 7. dialed down to street looefl at oakland and piedmont. it's in la fayette to walnut creek, san ramon valley and highway 4. the pass is looking less strenuous as the rain is letting up a little bit. thunderstorms in the see area from yosemite southward. i want to focus on the snow. it will be down to lake level sunday evening. be careful getting back home. >> thanks for the warning. video in this morning that would make alfred hitchcock proud. for the rest of us, a sign of the times. >> check this out, if you dare. a woman in houston was in a walmart parking lot when she was flooded with a sea of blackbirds. it's going viral and takes you back to hitchcock's legendary
5:57 am
film, "birds." birds actually based on his experience, partially in cap toe la. >> interesting. look at you with the trivia. alexis is monitoring the traffic alert on the bay bridge. next at 6:00, a jackknifed semi and a fuel spill are causing problems. drama at the dmv. why the computer glitch could happen again. >> live outside. if you somehow made it on the bay bridge this morning, thanning your lucky stars. that is a huge
5:58 am
♪ ♪ hush my darling... ♪ don't fear my darling... ♪ the lion sleeps tonight. [snoring.] ♪ hush my darling... [snoring.] ♪ don't fear my darling... ♪ the lion sleeps tonight. [snoring.]
5:59 am
take the roar out of snore. yet another innovation only at a sleep number store. breaking news, a major issue on the bay bridge leaving san francisco this morning. a jackknifed big rig near treasure island causing huge back ups. >> you can see the traffic leaving the city. it is going extremely slow. it's backing up.
6:00 am
we have live team coverage. we want to start with alexis smith in the traffic center. this has been the biggest mess. >> i check eed the time stamp o it. we are at a full hour now. i'm guessing, have not confirmed it, but the weather has something to do with the collision. the jackknifed semi was reported on the lower deck closer to treasure island, but now sounds like closer to san francisco. all traffic is diverted off fourth street and back on at sterling. back ups on 101. i'll have the latest and talk about other issues. for now, check in with meteorologist mike nicco. >> you can see the south bay, another batch of light rain rolling from the santa cruz mountains to your neighborhoods. we had a half inch of rain there. now,


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